Overview of Service

  • Does Beusable work on mobile web/app?

    Web-based service Beusable supports PC web, mobile web, and hybrid app.

  • Which plan do I need to choose?

    Choose the right plan based on your monthly amount of pageviews (PVs).

  • Could it affect performance of my website if I install Beusable tracking code?

    Beusable has little impact on loading and user performance on your website. Our service has been verified via large-scale global services, so it has been working well without any issue.

  • Could Beusable also analyze a log-in requiring page?

    Yes, you can. If you set "analyze page after logging in" in Page Options (Step 3), you can analyze such pages (i.e., my or payment page).

Installation of Code

  • How can I install Beusable?

    Register a page to analyze and insert the tracking code in front of </body> tag. For details, refer to Installing Beusable.

  • Do I need to insert the code only in common area of website?

    If you insert the code into your website template, then the code automatically goes into each page of your site.

  • How long does it take to analyze data after installing the code?

    If the installation is confirmed, you can see an analysis report after 2-hour data collection.

Use of Service

  • Is data collected in real time?

    The collected data is updated hourly.

  • I can't see clear screenshots.

    If you can't see proper screenshots, you may retake again by clicking "Report Issue" button left bottom of Beusable. You can renew the screenshots of the date you requested retaking.

  • Is there any type of content or page with limit in screen capture?

    The range of limit is as follows.

    1. Log-in requiring page
    2. <div> Scrollable content within container factor
    3. Page created by using Scroll-Lock (can navigate content only by scrolling/clicking a button as the page height is fixed.)
    4. Page created with the parallax scrolling technique
    5. Display: page created by using flex CSS (size of factor - page whose height and width is variable)
    6. Interactive contents changing according to Ajax (communication between server and client)
    7. Page created with SPA technique

    We recommend you to use Beusably in the above cases. Beusably visualizes analytics on your real website. Moreover, instead of providing basic features (mouse click or move), Beusably supports Rich UI such as responsive and adaptive website, SPA, and parallax websites.

  • Can I carry the remaining PV forward to next month?

    No, you can't. The remaining PVs shall not be carried over to the following month.

  • How do I see my payment statement?

    The statement on your plan will be sent to your email. You may also check your receipt in Billing screen of Plan page of Beusable.

Protection of Personal Information

  • Is there any risk of personal information leakage?

    We can assure you that there is no risk of leaking personal information. We analyze users' behavior via information of mouse event, IP, and cookie.

  • Should I need to receive consent on data collection from visitors?

    No, you don't need to. Beusable does not collect information which can identify individuals. Sensitive personal information is replaced with x's.

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