User metric analytics is provided
without additioanl tagging in real-time.

Webpage Visitor Analysis : PV, UV, Average PV per UV, Average Session Duration, Exit Rate, Inflow Channel
1Page visits/analysis

You can understand the basic analytics regard page visits.

  • 1. PV(Page View)
    2. UV(Unique Visitor)
    3. Average PV per UV
    4. Average session duration of UV
    5. Exit rate
    6. Inflow Channel
User behavior flow : Inflow, Conversion, Abandonment
2Inflow channel of a page and user's conversion channel analysis

You can see the inflow channel of a page and user's conversion channel rank.

  • 1. Inflow channel
    2. Conversion channel
User behavior flow : Display Resolution Distribution, Display Resolution Description, Device Analysis, Visits by Country Analysis, Operationg System Analysis, Browser Analysis
3User environment analysis

You can see the user's environment such as country, device, resolution and etc.

  • 1. Monitor resolution distribution
    2. Monitor resolution detail
    3. Device statistics
    4. Country statistics
    5. OS statistics
    6. Browser statistics