Attention graph generation process

Attention graph generation process

The attention level is calculated based on the default viewport of a browser as well as considering the area where the user might had actually focused and their duration time.

User A
3 Seconds 2 Seconds

User A stayed 3 seconds in the upper section of the page and
2 seconds in the middle section of the page.

User B
5 Seconds 0.1 Seconds 5 Seconds

User B stayed 5 seconds in the upper section,
0.1 seconds in the middle section and 5 seconds in the lower section of the page.

User C
10 Seconds

User C stayed only in the upper
section of the page for 10 seconds.

AVG ( User A User B User C · · · )

Each user's duration times per heights are accumulated then divided by the number of users to calculate the average duration time per height.

The attention graph representing the entire user's average duration distributed across the page height is generated.

y x
1y-axis height-description

With y-axis, find out user's
attention level per page height.

2x-axis user's attnetion level description

It marks the attention value(interest level)
of the users where the user's duration time is reflected.

Where the farthest point of x-axis represents
the most user-attentive area.
Other points' user attention level can be known by relatively referring to that point.

3Level of interest and reached rate per height. At this point, all users focused for 1.3 sec in avg and 77% of the user were reached.

Hovering mouse on each height location displays
the tooltip information of the scroll-reached ratio and user's average duration time at that exact location.