UX analytics through heatmap

1UX status per device type

UX status per device type.
Web User Status / Tablet User Status / Mobile User Status

2Referrer rank and UX comparison

Referrer feature provides UX status per individual inflow channel. You can compare changing user's behavioral flow depeding on their inflow channel.

3Compare new/returned users

There could be a huge difference in UX between the new and the returned users. See the difference in UX between the new and the returned users!

4Brower's average fold area

You can view heatmap along with the average fold which represents the average height of users' browser.
Contents below average fold is only visible when user scrolled down.

5Various heat maps tracing user behavior

You can see various heatmap result.

click heatmap
: Click concenturation, valid/invalid click area, relevant metrics.
Exploring path heatmap
: Exploring status on the area that users interest is distributed.
Scroll status heatmap
: User status per scrolled area, height range for efficient contents consumption.
User gaze movement path.
: User's average exploring path, user status on interested/exited area.
6View the UX in hidden area

You can confirm the UX results o a hidden menus or layers regard user interection (cursor click or hover) through the Hidden Spot function.