Why Beusable?

You feel the pressure of doing some sort of data analytics that everyone is talking about.
But you have no clue where to even begin..

Data Drive UX Solution,

Beusable is here to help.


How Beusable can help?

Beusable brings you the essential data in a fabulous and intuitive visualized form.

Having Beusable’s analytics result and reviewing the data through our platform won’t be just one time consumption. Overtime, you’ll become an expert on user data.

You’d get not only the final stats like click rate and conversion rate, but also why and how the data had been drawn.

Beusable solution’s

Designed to yield UX insights and structured to
offer ways to understand complex data and application.


How exactly Beusable can help you with?

Operational issues can easily be identified.

The amount of content consumption
can be measured.

Contents that were most attracted to
the users can be extracted.

Unforeseen users’ needs can be

Hidden popular contents may be found.

CTA click users' detailed
in-page journey will be shown.

You don’t just get the final number of conversion rate but
also the complicated story behind how the number has
been drawn.

Installation of Beusable can be done with one line of code.
No tagging and series of development and deployment
needed for extra analysis.

All you need to start is having the desire to start !

Collection of user behavior data Visualization of collected data Analytics and Reporting

Start with Beusable now!

It’s easy to get profound yet intuitive
insight and understand behavioral
patterns and streams.

Beusable is producer and consumer at the same time.

Scaling UX
with Big Data.

As soon as Big data made its entry, the whole picture has been changed.