We proudly present "븅(Beung)"
the data center founded by 4GRIT!

Q. What is "븅(Beung)"?

It VIEWs the data. It VIEWs the data center. It VIEWs the world.

븅(Beung) is the name of the data center founded by 4GRIT, the development company of Beusable. Its visual metaphor originated from the determination to embrace the World Wide Web.

Q. What does ‘븅(Beung)’ look like?

We have been witnessing how the major global IT companies started and developed.
They all started out small and insufficient, but their dreams were never small.
Right now, their achievement is beyond normal.

Above is what our data center looks like.
It may seem humble compared to those global IT companies' data centers,
but this beginning chapter resembles their beginnings.
Above all, we are dreaming big, just as they were.

4GRIT founded its data center "Beung" with the two goals:

First, we aim to become the best alternative for data solution market,
which, at the moment, is monopolized.
Beusable will be upgraded to Version 2.0 and
become a synthesis of dynamic indicators as well as existing user UX data.
Free yourselves from learning GA.
With Beung, Beusable will be capable of data processing at the same level as GA, and therefore make data analysis easy and straightforward for users.

Second, we aim to encourage and support data-driven decision-making culture.
This is the reason why Beusable Ver. 2.0 is going to be available for free.
We will lead the culture of decision making based on real data, which anyone and everyone can analyze and apply.

Please keep up with us and our data center!

Thank you.