Why Beusable?

The insight
beyond numbers.

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Fail quickly.

"Do not be afraid"

Act Small, Fail Fast and Learn Rapidly.
Beusable's verification process is easy and accurate."Essence" comes from the repetition of small fails and improvement.

Rational decision
than intuition

Discover valuable information and execution strategy.

Direction for a product should not rely on intuition.
It is a compass that shows both trees and the forest.
Get smart with a smarter communication guide.

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Fast and flexible

"You can find a clue for the best insight."

Data analysis = hard to understand?
Did you give up? Let's think again.
Beusable is the easiest and strongest tool
that synergies with perspectives of
various jobs.
Prove your insight and improve the result.

Analysis from
A customized viewpoint

"You can act faster."

Do you need data that meets the needs of various stakeholders?
Do you need to prove or propose a direction of an on-going project faster?
Internalize the data competence without outsourcing external professionals.
For long-term, strengthen team's analytical competence and efficiency.
For short term, increase response speed.

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UX improvement result
with indicators

"I put my best effort for UX improvement,
how can I see the result?"

The legitimacy of UX, now you can prove it with business indicators.
Contextual improvement.
The logic of sensibility.
Now persuade with indicators.

How we make a better product

How we make a better product


In an era of big data, what matters is the essence.
Essence in data can be found with Beusable.
Visualize UX. Beusable.

  • Samsung Electronics

    Customized solution implementation for the UI/UX analysis of global samsung.com.
    Country-based management solution with various language support in Korean, English, and Japanese are supported
    for global services.

  • Naver

    Beusable is a service offered to the client companies of the cloud platform
    and will be expanded to UX analysis and renewal consulting.

  • Cheil

    Persona & Pattern analysis based on data. Suggestion UX guide to make strategic sales.

  • Seoul women's university

    Utilization of Beusable as a research tool of
    industrial design and UX design.

  • Shinhan Card

    Utilization of Beusable data on the UX renewal.
    Provided in an installation form
    for security reason.

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