Path Plot

Discover how the majority of users consume the page content. Segmentize users to compare the activity paths as well as the content navigation flow and duration time.

Substitute Eye Tracking
with Path Plot

Limitations of Eye Tracking

Even though eye tracking visualizes user gaze movement and navigation flow as well as session duration within the page, it provides limited sample size and practicality of data.

Beusable's Path Plot Process

Beusable's “AI based Path Plot" technology processes entire page users footsteps to yield one main path that matters for future improvements and/or marketing strategies.

User Navigation Flow

With this Beusable's exclusive Path Plot feature, you can view gaze plot representing all users' navigation flow and session duration information.


Users' navigating order is displayed in numbers.


View how long users have stayed(consumed) on an element.

Type / Action

View the main interaction of users and type of content.


A thumbnail of an element is displayed.