Better understanding in heatmap information
with Reporting Heatmap

1mouse click information analysis
Click Count
You can understand the rank of the most clicked contents.
Unique Click
Unique click (Exclude repetitive clicks, the actual number of clicks in PV) shows the list of contents ranked by the highest number of unique click counts.
You can exclusively view the amount of PV from user's contents clicking.
2mouse movement information analysis
Hover displays the contents rank based on the number of users' hover counts.
You can understand users' interest level and correlated contents' accessibility. And you can also compare Hover information to Click information to see the actual consumption status of contents and the conversion ratio from Hover to Click.
Heatmap Analytic : Click Analysis Heatmap Analytic : More Analysis
Scroll Movement Statistic Report Stream Timeline
3User's Reached Rate by the page height

You can individually compare each activity level above
and below the Average Fold.
Through comparing and understanding users' activity level
and contents consumption degree over both of the default visible area and the area that needs scrolling to be shown, you can examine the page.

4Comparative analysis on user's activity level per scroll height.

Scrolled Heights graph visualizes user's contents reachment rate.
You can understand the size of the users
who reached a particular contents at a particular height. Using the difference between the users' contents reachment rate per page height, you can understand the users' pause pattern in scrolling and manage efficient contents positioning!

5Additional information chart per flow sequence.
A. User Retention Rate
It indicates the status of user's retention rate per the navigation flow.
The stage where the retention rate has dropped significantly means relatively high users exit rate.
B. Display the orders of current/selected steps
C. Session Length(Height)
It displays the user's session length by height.
The height of the bar is proportional to user's duration time.