Reporting Heatmaps

Let us do the paperwork for you. With automated metrics reporting, we will let you focus on your customers.

Click Analysis

Click Count

Shows you the ranks of in-page elements determined by the number of clicks.

Unique Click

Unique click is equal to a click from a single user. Unique clicks are measured with an aggregate number of how many times that element is clicked by individual users. Duplicate clicks by a single user do not affect the total. Page elements are displayed in the order of this "unique click" counts, demonstrating the number of PV occurred by clicks on an element.

Mouse Movement Analysis

Hover Count

Displays the ranks of in-page elements determined by the number of "approach" made by users. The numbers represent the users' interest level and accessibility of the content, meaning you can juxtapose with Click Analysis to see if users' interest led them to "click" and "consume" the content.

User Activity Above vs. Below Average Fold

Compares user activity level above and below the average page fold. You can keep track of the page by knowing how user activity and content consumption differ by page heights.

User Activity Analysis by Scrolled Heights

Visualizes how PV rate changes as users scroll. See at which height users remain the most (highest attention), and at the same time understand where users tend to stop scrolling (losing attention). Beusable suggests ways to manage and relocate the page contents.

Additional Information on Sequential Flow of Users


Users' navigating order is displayed in numbers.


View how long users have stayed(consumed) on an element.

Type / Action

View the main interaction of users and type of content.


A thumbnail of an element is displayed.