UX Heatmaps

Understand users behavior as well as intention and needs
through one simple UI.

Heatmap Reports by
User Interactions


Discover users interest and destination.


View the overall distribution of user interest and behavior.


Hover (place the cursor) over any poing on the graph to see the ratio of reached contents at different page heights.

Path Plot

Discover how majority of users consume the page contents.
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Live Heatmap

With live heatmap, a complete analysis is possible even for the layers that are hidden before certain interactions (e.g hidden carrousel area or accordion menu).

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Device Metrics

Tells you what percentage of users are visiting your website on each device type (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile).


Heatmaps are generated based on data grouped by referrer. Compare how each group of users behave differently by their referrers.

New vs. Returning Users

Compare how two groups of users experience differently.

Average Fold

“Average Fold” on heatmap reports indicates the average height of users’ web browsers.