What journey do customers experience before reaching the checkout page? You can check whether they followed the intended flow to your goal.

Inspect the customer journeys around key pages.
View customer journeys before and after reaching a goal page such as the checkout page. Create meaningful hypotheses based on key journeys around notable pages.
Is the purchase conversion rate low? Discover the cause through the navigation process to the final destination.
Check whether customers follow the intended flow. If they don't, see how they reach your goal page. You can encourage purchases by understanding the key journey and content that influence conversion.
Check your ad campaign efficiency.
How do ads affect the purchase customer journey? Check your ad campaign efficiency by comparing customer purchase journeys that differ by traffic source.
The loyal customer journey is the key to user experience optimization.
Do customers who complete a pruchase immediately drop off? Or do they continue navigating your website? Build strategies to change leads into customers by investigating the post-purchase journey.